Creating a FieldSet

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    Antoine Demeusy

    Now in december 2022, still not possible ?? Any update on this ?


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    Line Lund Jensen
    inriver Certified Business Consultant
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    Could it be possible to list data type next to the choices under included and Excluded fields? In cases where you have two Fields named the same but two different data types, it is not possible to see what is what. E.g Material (data type CVL) and Material (data type string).

    Also in regards to the sorting of the included fields and also the created Field Sets - I would like to be able to change the sorting, preferably to alphabetically, so it is easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. Could alphabetical sorting or the option to have it be implemented?

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    Gretchen Prem
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    These all sound like great feature requests.  In the mean time for assigning the fields with the same field name, you can assign fieldsets within the field type page so you can be sure you are assigning the CVL field and string field to the correct field types.  

    Actual fieldset sorting within the front end drop down is done alphabetically, but based on the fieldset ID not the name, so just ensure the fieldset IDs are named accordingly knowing they will be sorted alphabetically.  


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