December 12, 2017





  • Enrich - Using a large screen in web portal could break the load on scroll function.
  • Enrich - Alt text in upload media dialog shows wrong value when upload fails.
  • Enrich - Specification save button might disappear on low resolution screens
  • Enrich - When doing a mass update for entity with parent/child CVL it is not possible to select child CVL values.
  • Enrich - Excel data import does not set default value for field if the column is missing in the Excel file.
  • Enrich - Saved queries with Completeness group condition could show wrong displays name on rule if the ids are the same on rule and group.
  • Plan & Release - Not possible to save new advanced queries in Common Shared work area.
  • Plan & Release - Unable to Close Channel entities.
  • Plan & Release - Strange Channel Completeness Insight when the Channel is empty.



  • Restricted fields - Entity Type id is shown instead of the name.
  • Restricted fields - Filtering not enabled for all columns.
  • Model - No error message when trying to delete a CVL that is used on entity.
  • Model - Import CVL Values with parent/child relations CVL sometimes cause error.
  • Model - Recalculating completeness rules could cause timeout error.
  • Model - Extended timeout period for uploading new model.
  • Image configuration - Added clear cache function to empty cached images based on specific image configuration.
  • Log - All error messages not always shown in Log view.
  • Added favicon to include the inRiver logo.
  • Improved support for High resolution on larger screen.



  • Channel Messages might end up in a faulted state preventing channel from being updated.
  • Model changes are not reflected in Portal when done from ExtensionManager API.
  • ChannelService.GetEntitiesForChannelAndEntityType causes timeout for large requests.
  • DataType property is not always set for DtoField.
  • ExtensionId property not set for ServerExtensions in Connect Context.
  • OnChannelLinkAdded event sent to Connect even if the target entity is excluded by channel filter.
  • Inconsistent data caching may cause intermittent errors in ExtensionManager API.
  • Calling inbound extensions causes error if the environment service was not previously created.
  • UtilityService.DeleteFile may return false even though the delete was successful.
  • New NuGet package available for inRiver.Remoting.



  • Added setting to specify search behavior (BeginsWith or Contains). Default search behavior has been changed to Contains instead of BeginsWith.



  • Locale string fields import could fail.
  • Import could fail if Excel sheet name does not match entity type id.



  • Login is only possible with role Administrator.