October 27, 2017





  • Not possible to upload large files (> 100 MB).
  • CVL value still shown after it has been deleted from the Control Center.
  • When entering plain data into a XML-field no error message is shown to the user.
  • PDF templates are sometimes rendered in the wrong language.
  • PNG logo images are converted to JPEG images with a black background in the Content Store app.
  • Environment changes have SQL commands in the page source.
  • Importing excel data with fieldset throws error for new entities.
  • Create entity with unique field does not provide any user warning when trying to add an existing value.
  • Content store freezes when the user has been inactive.
  • Entity modified date and created date are displayed in UTC.
  • Table view shows dates formatted in US format.
  • Query Editor is showing wrong result when parent/child CVLs are used in the search.
  • Hidden fields are not available in In Context Editing.
  • When saving a query, fieldset information is not stored.
  • Downloading large files fails due to memory exception.
  • Dates in Enrich Details are always displayed with format “M/d/yyyy hh:mm”.
  • Performance improvement for mass update and excel import.
  • Importing a new model does not create the "Common Shared Folder".
  • "Launch empty workarea" opens the last saved query that was used.
  • Model import does not reload the cache.



  • Import model ignores sort order for field types.
  • Foreign key constraint when importing Completeness in model import.
  • Import model timeout occurs before the import is finished.
  • Improved UI for managing categories with many languages.
  • Default sorting of log data might cause rows to be displayed out of order.
  • Improved performance for Model upload.
  • New editions are not added to the current text variables in the Print.



  • Improved error message for authentication failures.
  • Timeout when uploading large files (> 50MB).
  • DeleteFile always returns false.
  • Custom value lists are not available from the RemoteManager API.
  • UpdateCompletenessDefinition makes add instead of update.



  • Channel filters does not exclude entities.