September 27, 2017





  • Not possible to save entities if completeness rule setting value is set to null.
  • Wrong labels for custom completeness criteria.
  • Updating model through Remoting API does not propagate to Portal.
  • Search by fieldsets sometimes returns all entities.
  • Javascript error in advanced search when searching for fieldsets.
  • Plan & Release statistics displays wrong totals.
  • Query not working when using date/interval and relation condition.
  • Two channels with same name cause Plan & Release statistics to fail.


  • Unauthorized access to logs from other environments.
  • Not allowed empty value for default settings from extensions.
  • Re-ordering fields in Model app clears any field type settings.
  • Showing customer id instead of name in header.
  • CVL listener events are not triggered when updating CVL values.
  • Exporting a model does not include field type settings.
  • Improved performance for model import.
  • Not able to add Partner Users
  • Selected Completeness rule type is not always displayed.
  • Searching the log returns no results and generates a 502 error.
  • Delete a link type with links causes silent error.
  • Complex passwords give "invalid username or password" error.
  • Unable to delete fields that are restricted.
  • Recalculating completeness for entity type fails when there are no rule settings.
  • Edit restricted field navigates to wrong URL.
  • Logs from extensions are not showing if the log contains too much data.
  • Work areas are not cleared when importing a model.
  • Foreign Key constraint error when importing model with Completeness.
  • Import model ignores field type sort order.
  • Checkbox for including CVL values in model export is ignored.
  • A valid ApiKey potentially allows access to entities in other channels for a customer in xConnect.
  • Uploading large files (>50 MB) gives error.


  • ServerExtensions does not save the changes made in OnUpdate events.
  • Scheduled extensions that are disabled continue to run.
  • Delete events are not sent to entity listener extensions.
  • Context.Username shows “system”-user for some events in a ServerExtension.
  • "An unexpected error occurred when setting connect message to processed". 
  • DateTime extension settings are formatted instead of being treated as a string.


  • Long running requests cause 502 Bad Gateway errors.
  • Parallel threads can cause duplicate fields and links.
  • Update Resource entity calls method that is not implemented.