August 29, 2017



  • Enrich load details panel with fieldsets.
  • Portal - large searches.
  • Excel export.
  • General performance improvements.




  • Table view shows CVL key instead of value in Enrich.
  • When adding a new customer the confirmation mail is linked to Control Center.
  • User gets error message instead of being redirected to login page when session times out.
  • Some users gets logged out randomly.
  • Model changes through remote manager does not invalidate Portal cache.
  • CVL values not related to parent CVL are not shown in CVL list.



  • Not allowed to have empty value for default settings in extensions.
  • De-selecting link entitytype checkbox still sends the value when creating entity type.
  • Increased the maximum name length of packages.
  • No error messages when trying to delete an extension packages that is in use.
  • Not possible to update CVL for field type.
  • Error when publishing CVL values updates between environments.
  • No validation for extension ids.
  • CVL grid is stretched below the bottom of the screen.
  • Not possible to remove parent CVL once it has been set.
  • Updating packages for inbound extensions are not always replaced properly.
  • Custom Completeness criteria does not show up in the list of criterias. 



  • No scrollbar in specification field section.

Download the new version of Rich Client Here