June 19, 2017






Search on Datetime As Interval

It is now possible to make advanced search on Datetime field, and search an interval. A Search on an interval means that the query will be made from the present time value for the selected interval, for example from right now and 1 day forward or 2 weeks forward.  This interval will be then used each time for that particular query. The start of the Datetime value will always be from "Just Now" i.e. the present time, as the search occurs.


Search on Several CVL Values

It is now possible to search on several CVL values per search, even though the field does not have the attribute "multivalue" set to true.






  • On startpage, only choose from the environments you have access to and not see all the environments connected to the customer or partner.
  • Delete entity from work area without error message.




  • Can now click on Error Log and get more error information.
  • Table of rules is showing in completeness groups.
  • Possible to delete Completeness groups.
  • Delete CVL Value.
  • Import of Environments.
  • GetCompletenessCriteraByType and GetAllCompletenessCriterias implemented in Extension Manager.