May 29, 2017





Rebuild and Synchronize Channel Structure

It is now possible to synchronize and rebuild channel structures from the Plan & Release App.





Import/Export CVL Values

It is now possible to do imports and exports of CVL Values by using Excel files.



Connect UI

The UI for managing extensions has been improved, now showing all the information about an extension on an overview page.


New type of extension - ScheduledExtension

A new interface has been added, making it possible to create scheduleded extensions that will execute at a scheduled time.


Disable/Enable extensions

It is now possible to disable and enable extensions. No events will be created for disabled extensions.


Pause/Resume extensions

A new option has been added for listener extensions, making it possible to pause the extension. Paused extensions will queue up all events, and they will be processed as soon as the extension is resumed.




Queued/Processed events

For all listener extensions it now possible to view queued and processed events. Queued events can also be deleted.






  • Users belonging to one customer gets option to login to all environments for the customer, even if they do not have access to them. 
  • Supplier Onboarding issue with user access.




  • Black screen shown when trying to login, and the pages had not been cached by the browser. 
  • Http 404 Not Found error when trying to login with unauthorized user.
  • Default languages not set for a new user.
  • Issues with deleting CVL Values.