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Enrich Module | use of tooltips for attributes



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    Alex Moss (ICP)
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    Yes, the description on a fieldtype in control center will become the tooltip in enrich.

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    Jennifer Schumacher
    Conversation Starter

    THANK YOU so much. I will try this. 

    Curious, do you have any tips/suggestions on how to guide user to understand selections when querying? We have a lot of questions regarding how to query in our PIM system. 

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    Tobias Månsson
    inriver champion

    One thing I usually do to help the user in the Query Editor is good LinkType names. 

    If a Product contains Items you could by laziness name them source name "Items" and target name "Product". If you instead call them "Included Items" and "Included in Product", the query editor when working with links will become more helpful. 

    This is even more important when you have a LinkType between the same EntityType, like Item - Item for accessories or spare parts. Then the source name really needs to be informative, otherwise, you might end up selecting the wrong direction in the query editor. 


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