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What's your top 3 most satisfying/interesting/rewarding/etc. moments with inriver?



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    Jan Courtheyn
    inriver champion

    Here is my top 3:

    • Most satisfying parts for me is the pre-sales track and convincing the customer of the inriver solution you have in mind. You have to solve business cases with inriver and proof the value of inriver to the customer. The moment when this is successful is the most satisfying moment. 
    • Interesting part I discovered most recently is the community. A lot of solutions are already somewhere hidden in all the responses. But next to learning from the community it's the people that's behind this and that are driving this community.
    • The most rewarding part is closely related to the first part, once you have convinced the customer of going forward with inriver, a successful go-live/implementation with those customers is the most rewarding part. 



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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi Roy Eriksson!

    This is fantastic! My top 3 moments at inriver will be:

    • The most satisfying moment so far is seeing more people engaging with the Community. I love to see how you all help each other and learn from each other 🤩
    • The most interesting moment was getting to know more about the inriver Champions in the series Meet the inriver Champions in the community! 
    • The most rewarding moment was the first month (in August 2022) when we replied to all the questions and posts in the Community Conversations in less than 24h 🤗

    What are your 3 top moments with inriver? Emilia Nilsson Ulrik Viebke Ragnhild Jonasdottir Steve Vink Kenneth Ayre


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