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Hi! How's it going? 👋



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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    🆕 What’s new with you? How are you?

    I'm well, thanks for asking. How about the rest of you all?

    🏆 Have you had any wins you’d like to share?

    We have wins all the time, but highlighting just one would be the beta launch of an extendable "Admin Panel" allowing our customers to perform administrative activities in reusable modules and allows us to develop customer specific modules. I'll let your imagination run regarding the full possibilities.

    🤓 Do you require any guidance or assistance with a particular issue? 

    All on track, but I'm always happy to help others in the community if I can.

    💡 Have you had a great idea recently? 

    Many (as-is common for me), but sadly not enough time to realize the most of them. But as with most things in life it comes down to prioritization. ⏳

    🤔 Are you encountering any obstacles in finding a solution?

    Not regarding inriver, since it's super customizable 🔧. But the current market situation is challenging for many businesses to navigate, we do our part to help where we can. On the bright side we see an overall increased maturity in realizing the values and needs of a PIM. While certain companies choose to take a step back during troubling times, others go full steam ahead and invest in better data, processes and alike. Who do you think will come out on top in the long run. 😉

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    Chris Collings (ICP)
    inriver champion

    Hey Roy, 

    Great to hear from you above. 

    All is going well here at Amplifi in the UK here.  Actively looking at logistics for PIMPOINT in may! :-)

    We've had a great year working with inriver, and have enjoyed seeing the evolution over the last few months.  I'm sure there is plenty of more to come, and we can't wait to get involved! 

    Trying to find solutions that have a broader benefit has been our priority and definitely something we look to continue to do. 

    Hope to see you at PIMPOINT! 

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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    Oh yeah, PIMpoint is going to be great! I'm really looking forward to an in-person event again. @... I guess a "What are you looking forward to at PIMpoint 2023" post is already in the pipeline. 😉

    Let's meet up there Chris Collings (ICP) 👍

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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Count on it Roy Eriksson! 😉


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