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Use CVL as mapping when transforming data



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    Ulrik Viebke
    business solutions architect

    Exciting ideas, and my brain can't stop thinking how this could be used even further with support from the platform. For instance: What if the platform could enable support for a field type settings where you point to a mapping CVL + a target field, and let the system automatically set a target value based on the mapping... Guess if that is added to the product backlog ideas internally :-)

    Another thing that came up is that some mappings could be awfully large, and currently we do not really like tens of thousands of keys in a CVL (Color mapping could cascade into very large CVLs). So, firstly, to enable CVL type categorization in the system to allow different types of CVL to be collected in each category (the CVLs that are updated by extension or integration in one category, mapping CVLs in another, product attributes in a third and so on), to allow a better user experience in control center as well as different caching logic depending on the nature of the the CVL categories to optimize performance.

    A third thing a user probably would appreciate is to use parent-child CVLs to create workarea hierarchies with queries pointing to the entities using the CVLs. In this scenario it would actually be a mapping between a query and a CVL that is automatically generated by the system... Yes, that is also in the backlog ideas, I should be tested through Innovation Labs (yes, Tobias, I know that you have already built this....)

    Ulrik Viebke
    Senior Business Solution Architect

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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    It's a great concept and I'm happy you're sharing it Tobias Månsson! We've used the same "CVL mapping" concept multiple times, the most "complex" for a customer getting color codes from their ERP/PLM system where we auto-populate several fields at once.

    Example mapping CVL value:
    Key: "881" (from the ERP/PLM)
    Value: "MakeAWish|Pattern;Blue|PrintedPaper" (one-time mapping work in Excel adding the CVL values)

    Which is split up into marketable-friendly the fields on the items:
    Color name: Make a Wish
    Color group (multivalue): Patter, Blue
    Material type: Printed paper

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    Mark Stuart-Walker

    Yes, I can see some uses where we map our CVL field values into ETIM field values. This is currently done by hard coding within an HTML extension but I can build the mappings in a series of CVLs and not need to redeploy to change the mapping.


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