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What are you thankful for? 🍁



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    Emilia Nilsson
    business solutions architect

    With community I am grateful for all the users and contributors creating a safe space to ask any question and to find any solution - whether it is a very specific development question or guidance in how to approach user workflow. I learn new things every week with you guys 😊 The selfless sharing even between competitors is a wonderful thing to witness!

    Thank you all! 👑

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    Estelle Nambord

    The community offers both valuable information and a lot of good laughs, and for that I'm grateful! My favorite page is of course the "Join the fun" page. There are many good inrivierian writers, and some secret comedians, in our community which is so nice to see! ✨

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    Sterling Figueroa
    content editor

    Thank you @...

    I am thankful that the community offers such a wide and vibrant array of information and many ways to connect with people beyond just discussions around PIM, or even tech, for that matter. It truly embodies a community--and if I say so myself, the best community in the business. 

    Also, special shoutout to @... for being the person of many hats and an endless bounty of knowledge and help! 


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