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🍬🍭 Trick or Treat Challenge 2022 🎃👻



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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for participating in this sweet challenge! 🎃🍬🍭

    After carefully counting the candies in the bowl... 🍬 there were 119 candies! 🍬

    We had two people with the closest guesses:

    Danny Langlois (ICP) with a guess of 125 candies! 😋

    Eric Hart with a guess of 111 candies! 🤭

    🎉 And the winner is Danny Langlois (ICP) for a difference of 6 candies! 🎉

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    Ruel Lastimado
    First Responder

    My guess would be 55 candies :)

    I will fight zombies with Henrich Kristensson because I believe he knows how to beat them :))

    My go-to-candy has always been Mentos!

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    Emilia Nilsson
    business solutions architect

    After careful consideration, there's definitely 72 pieces of candy in there! (Also, will the old logo stop hauting us after halloween?!)

    For a zombie apocalypse I'd choose Kristina Bertilsson as she brings a sound view in chaotic situations and would be able to keep both our heads floating. 

    I see candy is put in singular - how unfortunate! To cover all my favorites I will go up in the data model hierarchy and just say lösgodis:

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    Pegie L. Gallenero

    I'm guessing 98 pieces of candy.

    I'd go with Ruel Lastimado he is the one who comes up with an idea to eradicate the zombie apocalypse step by step. 🎃

    My go-to-go candy is Lollipop

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    i did the math and its 45 candies 🎃

    I would fight zombies with Demel Novo

    Favorite candy is chocolate 

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    Kim Francis Pentin

    Guessing it to be 78 candies.

    Pegie L. Gallenero will be with me fighting the zombies.

    Chocolate. Any of the spectrum of how a chocolate could taste. I am down with it.

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    Eric Hart

    I'm guessing 111 pieces of candy.

    I'm teaming up with Christopher Crockett as he's able to troubleshoot on the fly, so I have a greater chance on living longer with him during a zombie apocalypse. 

    Finally my favorite candy is Snickers


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    Neel Essenstam

    I will eat them all just before the counting so there will definitely be 0 in the basket!! Trust me... I will... eat... them... all... 

    Taking Mable Verghese with me as she would keep the spirit high and focus on a solution at all times.

    Favorite lösgodis candy? I'm a true gottegirs...

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    Sean Gill

    I'm guessing 87 pieces of candy.

    I'm teaming up with Jenny Hedin bc if she treats the zombie apocalypse with the same intensity that she treated the scavenger hunt in Barcelona, then I'm in good hands.  ;-)

    Finally my favorite candy is 100 Grand bars.

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    Vishal Patel

    We are guessing there are 104 candies.

    I would choose James Lee as my zombie apocalypse partner! 

    My favorite candy is sour gummy worms. 

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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    Hmm, tricky... 96 candy pieces.

    I'd go with Andreas Flordin and the strategy that we'd try to outsmart our way through the apocalypse. 😀

    Favourite candy is a 70-85% cacao chocolate bar. 🍫

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    Redhwan Ghailan

    I'm guessing 95 pieces of candy.

    I would go with Christian Cronholm he is the one who wanna watch the apocalypse with xD

    My favorite candy is KEX :)

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    Sterling Figueroa
    content editor

    I will take a shot and say there are 74 and a half pieces of candy. 


    I think Konstantine Fioretos could come up with some very creative ways to kill zombies, which would be fun and keep my brains from being eaten. 

    My go to candy would be either a Crunch bar or ideally Bunch-a-crunch. 

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    Danny Langlois (ICP)
    inriver champion
    PIMpoint 2023 Americas
    Easter 2023
    First Responder

    My guess is 125 candies in the basket! 

    And I would tag with Nicky Lilja, because I know she will make the right choice!

    And my favourite candy is without question Reeses!! It's the perfect mix of chocolate and peanut butter!!! 😋


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    Nicky Lilja

    hahaha I love it Danny.! Let´s fight those Zombies 🧟

    My guess is (after some inriver staff surely eating it) 69 candies. 

    I would fight zombies with Tjarco Boon (ICP).

    My favorite candy is anything sour, especially Fizzypop or Sodapops 🎃



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