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👻🕷 Spooky Season Challenge 2022 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️



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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Good morning everyone!

    Thanks for participating in this spooky challenge! 🎃👻

    Here we have the 3 best comments:

    In the third place, we have Ragnhild Jonasdottir with 12 votes!

    In the second place, we have Charlie Edwards with 16 votes!

    And the winneeeeer (drums, please 🥁) is Henrich Kristensson with 17 votes!

    I will communicate with the winner soon 😊

    PS: For those who didn't win this time, get ready because a new challenge will come soon! 😱🎃

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    Kenneth Ayre
    business solutions architect

    13 Angry Poltergeists.

    Jonathan Summons because he has the ability to open and close portals and is an expert in identifying resource vampires and killing undead actors.

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    Sterling Figueroa
    content editor

    "Something's Gotta Die" (Everyone is a zombie except for Keanu Reeves and he has to kill them to survive). 


    Steve Grattan because I would just use him as a shield against ghouls and whatnot. Not saying I would sacrifice him but also not not saying I would. 

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    Steve Grattan

    Hairy Potter and the Sorcerer's chainsaw ( Always knew Dumbledore was a nutter )


    @...  "You go first, I'll be right behind you, just need to check if I locked the car door.. Promise.."

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    Ragnhild Jonasdottir
    First Responder

    Good Will, Haunting (extra points for only changing 2 characters?!?)


    Ulrik Viebke because if someone can think of a creative way to get out of trouble it would be him. Mr. innovator.

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    Danny Langlois (ICP)
    inriver champion
    PIMpoint 2023 Americas
    Easter 2023
    First Responder

    Doctor Frankenstein, Multiverse of Zombies! (Imagine Frankenstein from Universe 1 against Frankenstein from Universe 56 😱)

    And Peter Norlander (ICP), because he has automated robots to catch the monsters before us! 😂

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    Roxanne C Rowe

    TITANIC ---- Sea of the Living Dead (Instead of people dying of hyperthermia, they all return as floating zombies)

    Mark Weiskircher and Colin Field - they will keep me laughing so that I don't get scared!

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    Emilia Nilsson
    business solutions architect

    Slayheart - Every man dies, not every man really lives (Tagline still works!)

    I'd bring Kimmo Viertola as he always finds a way to identify the ghouls and work around them without being noticed

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    Christopher Crockett
    business solutions architect
    First Responder

    Mary Poppins Returns...From the Dead

    I'd bring Dao Tran and Eric Hart, because even the lich queen version of Mary Poppins wouldn't be able to control their youthful exuberance. She'd probably just get frustrated and leave us alone.

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    Eric Hart

    Shawshank Bloodbath

    A serial killer on death row named Adam killed 28 people so far. He preserved all his bodies in a black coffin. Adam is continuing to kill in the prison. his next victim is Amanda, but she escapes and run. Adam then sees Amanda get hit by a suspicious laundry truck, then dies. The truck then tries to run into him. The truck keeps running over people, and the prison guards are somehow missing. Is this killer worse than Adam? Who is the truck driver? Is he his best friend? Will this person escape? I'll bring in @... and @... so they can reveal the end of this story.


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    Henrich Kristensson

    Pocahauntas - One by one they will sink if not singing "Just Around The inriverbend" paddling in different directions!

    I'd bring Marcus Numminen so I can paddle asOne knowing I will always have a beer nearby!

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    Charlie Edwards

    The Ghoul, the Bad and the Ugly

    I'd take Christian Lapper because his hair would light the way

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    Mia Griffith

    Name: A nightmare on södra tullgatan: an inriver resurrection 

    Synopsis: During a power black out, young Niels Stenfeldt rushes to save all inriverians from the dream-stalking, zombie-making monster Christian Lapper. 

    Rating on rotten tomatoes: 10/10 

    i'd take @... because at least I will be laughing the whole way. 

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    Konstantine Fioretos
    senior technical writer

    Silent Notting Hill
    A bookstore owner is in romantic turmoil when a famous American actress with a pyramid-shaped head appears in his shop through a portal, leading to an eerie parallel reality. A chance encounter over spilled orange juice leads to a kiss that blossoms into a full-blown affair while the town is surrounded by an evil fog.

    I totally ship this ^

    Gareth Emery can box if you didn't know. So take that evil monsters!

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    Christian Lapper

    Mamma Mia! Fear We Go Again.

    In this real-time musical thriller, young Mia Griffith has just 90 minutes to send out a company email - but no one is answering her questions! 

    This psychological rollercoaster, set to a soundtrack of appropriately remixed ABBA classics (think 'Slaughter-loo'), was called "un-unsubscribe-able" by Time Out.


    And for the haunted house, I'd take Mans Puur and a bottle of pickled vermouth. 

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    Tina Nylén

    Meat Prey Blood
    Newly-divorced and at a crossroads, a woman steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. In her travels, she devours the true pleasure of nourishment by eating gluttony in Italy, the power of stalking preys in India and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true blood in a temple of Kali

    Forgot to mention before: I'd like to bring @..., because I get the vibe that he is the kind of person who likes Meat Loaf and that he Would Do Anything For Blood!

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    Ulrik Viebke
    business solutions architect

    Down (A man who attaches a lot of balloons to his house, it flies away, and all ballons pop at high altitude... a sequal to "Up")

    I would like to bring Steve Vink because he and I could brainstorm together....I believe he could help out with some ideas how to create a parachute out of some small plastic bags, two pens and an old can of squashed tomatoes.


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