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What's in your mug, Emilia Nilsson? ☕



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    Ragnhild Jonasdottir

    Emilia Nilsson thanks for sharing your insights! also - love the emojis 😍

    I do agree that staying curious and ask questions are very important and can be applied to most things in life. However, I was hoping you could elaborate a bit more on the importance of asking "why" more than once. Why specifically is that important in this field? Is it strictly confined to asking customers/partners? 

    Cheers and hope to have a coffee with you soon in person :)




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    Mia Griffith

    I'd be super interested in hearing a more in-depth explanation about what you do as a Business Architect here at inriver :) Maybe after summer, over Fika! Great choice of words for describing inriver - extremely collaborative and heartwarming  <3 

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    Emilia Nilsson
    business solutions architect

    Ragnhild Jonasdottir I find it that most people are putting effort into be helpful in general, and try to figure out the "what" and "how" before the project or initiative has even started. Sometimes that is very helpful - sometimes it builds upon a foundation that does not suit the current needs at all. Accepting the first "this is what we want" could lead to a future where the solution doesn't solve the right problems and becomes tedious to work with - and no one understands why because they set it up according to the requirements at hand.

    However, it's a tricky track as there sometimes need to be quick fixes due to time or budget constraints. I guess what I am trying to say is that communication is so very important! This applies to both customer/partner relationships as well as internally; getting to know the mechanisms of the inriver product and add-ons is essential when working as a BSA. 😊

    Ragnhild Jonasdottir Mia Griffith I'd love to! Always up for fika! ☕

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    Ragnhild Jonasdottir

    Thank you Emilia Nilsson for elaborating. I totally agree with your reasoning. The fast-paced everchanging world we live in today often pushes for a "act, then think" mentality to fastforward results. Which of course can be benificial but can also lead to unforeseeable problems down the line. More times than not a bit of patience and a lot of communication gets you to the end goal faster. 😊



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