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What are your plans for the summer?



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    Mia Griffith

    This is so cool! I absolutely love growing vegetables. I am a newbie, so I have only started growing tomatoes and strawberries mostly but I did not know that about corgettes :). Although I am terrified of being stung, I know how important bees are and I noticed a lot of new "bee hotels" around the forest in Luxembourg when I was visiting my family last week which I thought was great. 

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    Abigail Leffler
    First Responder

    A bee hotel—what a noble goal that is! And a useful one. We don’t grow fruit or veg in our backyard currently (am not blessed with a green thumb), but we have flowers--including the wild variety, ha ha. Because of this, I often spot bumble bees investigating what’s in our garden.

    My plan for this July is to enjoy the long nights and the lovely weather. I have visitors at home right now—all the way from Australia—so I would like to show them around while they’re here.

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    Irina Kuzennaya

    super interesting topic and an awesome summer project! I am afraid of bees, but I would love to have a squirrel or a gecko hotel in my backyard :)


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