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Why aren’t streaming services' user experiences better?



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    Abigail Leffler
    First Responder

    It is a far cry from the times we only had a few TV black-and-white channels to choose from and little choice in respect of what to watch (plus dinosaurs grazing in the backyard).

    But how fast we get used to the comfort and slide into complaining mode. I ‘still’ have Netflix and feel sometimes irked by their NRE (Netflix Recommendation Engine, based on algorithms that filter content based on your user profile and viewing habits). I haven’t figured out how to turn off the NRE so that I am more in control of my own searches rather than getting ‘more of the same’-type of recommendations.

    I also found out that the Netflix offering is country- or region-based and I do not how to switch that off. From Sweden I get a lot of Nordic films to choose from. When I visited India a couple of years ago and I logged into my Netflix account in the evening, I noticed a lot of Bollywood films in their offering. I was recently in South America and logged into my Netflix account, to find a lot of South American films to choose from, which would not be on the menu from Sweden. What if I wanted to watch Swedish films when visiting India? Or Argentinian films from Sweden?

    It may seem paradoxical, but whereas in the past we had no choice and no complaints, at present we have more choice, we have become more demanding and impatient and therefore we tend to complain more!

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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi Nol Zulfiu!

    You have made a good point. Sometimes it's really difficult to know what to watch with too many options. From my experience, I use at least 3 different streaming services, and I'm watching at least 10 shows at the moment. But, as you mention, most of the shows I watch are recommendations from the service or from friends and family. With all the algorithms they use now, it's difficult to escape from the same type of shows and movies. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the same series or movie (because the storyline is the same as others).

    However, I believe there is another problem with the streaming services and it's the fact of making people lazier and less proactive to be curious, creative, and do other activities to entertain themselves. I must admit I have dropped in this, by binge-watching a series in 1-2 days. Nowadays, we are more impatient, less physically active, and definitely bored.

    I hope to see in the future, that these streaming services improve the user experience by also inviting them to do more than just keep watching series and movies. 

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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    The last 4:th generation Chrome Cast with Google TV actually concatenates the content from various streaming services in one "dashboard" for you, could perhaps be something for you to look into Nol Zulfiu.


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