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Best practice way of handling long descriptions in PIM



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    Jonatan Karlsson

    Neat tips, thanks for sharing!

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    Emilia Nilsson
    business solutions architect

    This is very common request in many projects! Inriver Labs has addressed this and has a few different alterantives on how to work with text formatting from inside inriver. It does come with some considerations - does for example all output including any print, POS, datapools etc support the formatting? Are the texts going to be used in Excel files for internal or external use?

    inriver Innovation Labs - WYSIWYG editors

    Robin Söderholm Teemu Eronen Roy Eriksson Id' be interested to learn more about how you work with this. Do you for example copy the un-formatted text to other fields in cases where the formatting is not supported by the destination? Or any other workaround?

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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    I try as far as possible to make each field dedicated to a specific topic (ex: Assembly instructions, Product warnings, etc.), so that formatting is not used as "headlines" but is strictly for: bold, cursive, links and lists. That makes it easier to target different channels and re-use the field data.

    Limiting formatting options and how much the customer uses the formatting is essential to be able to target multiple channels, I've not come across any scenario where we need to use the Markdown text "un-formatted". But something similar could perhaps be when targeting Markdown for Print where we for example cannot show links, in those cases we either remove the link tags from the generated HTML before outputting to InDesign, or in certain cases added the link within parentheses so that a customer can manually type the link in their webbrowser from the Printed material.

    But depending on how "heavy" and what type of formatting is used you could "strip" the formatting tags from the generated HTML and only send the "raw" text to channels that don't support Markdown/HTML.


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