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Is a 4-day work-week beneficial for both the employee and employer? 💻🌎



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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi Mia Griffith!

    Thanks for sharing this! I think it is an interesting topic to bring to the table.

    I'm my opinion it would be beneficial to have a 4-day work week, but keeping the business running on the regular 5-days. It would work if some people work from Monday to Thursday, and others from Tuesday to Friday, to keep balance. 

    However, I guess it also depends on the industry and job. But definitely, we need around the world a more balanced relationship between work and life. 

    What do you think about this Sterling Figueroa?

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    Sterling Figueroa
    content editor

    Thank you Mia Griffith for a very poignant article! 

    @..., I think that a 4 day work week would be great! Or something akin to France where they have an average work week of 35 hours (as to the regular 40), which I think shows that we do not need to necessarily work the full 40. Moreover, the 40 hour work week does not seem to fit well enough in this day and age. I think we would all be more productive with a 4 day work week! 

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    Mia Griffith

    @... I agree, I think that would be a great work-around so that the company doesn't miss opportunities. 


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