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    Sterling Figueroa
    content editor

    What a wonderful article @...! Very informative and a good reminder that we should be more conscious of where and why we buy our clothes. I do not often buy new clothes (I am more of the school that I wear it until it is just in tatters) but when I do, I tend to go to vintage stores or second hand--because re-use is better than fast fashion. Thanks for this! 

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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    I love this @...

    Thanks for sharing this insightful information. We definitely should be more conscious of how fashion impacts our environment. In the end, is the consumer's decision that keeps some brands ongoing, but I'm sure that also those who work in the fashion industry should demand more sustainable products and strategies to take care of our environment and stop "greenwashing".

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    Andreea Grigoras

    Wonderful article Gabriela!  I am sure that those who can make the change in fashion are the consumers.  Overbuying cheap fashionable clothes instead of classics and focusing too much on the price and not longevity of the product, will in the end make more money fly from the pockets. Hope fashion goes more into experimenting and finding better solutions. 


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