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🧘‍♀️ Why do I meditate? And why you should try it



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    Abigail Leffler
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    Hello Mariana, another lovely post! Thank you for taking the time to explain the steps to meditation.

    Often I have heard about the benefits of meditation, but the only times when I have done a little meditation is at the end of a yoga session. In my case, the immediate effect of meditation is falling asleep 😊, which I take as a good thing.

    I have a friend who practises meditation. Unlike me who practises meditation ad-hoc, she has set time aside for it and made it part of her daily routine. But I was wondering, what is the recommended length of a meditation session and how often should we meditate?

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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi @...!

    Thanks for your question! As meditation is a personal journey, I would say that the recommended length of a meditation session and its frequency depends on the meditator's experience and goals. Taking at least 5 minutes per day can be beneficial, and during the long-term, those 5 minutes could be 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and so. 

    However, the length isn't important as how conscious and committed you are to the practice. You may be there sitting for 15 minutes and probably be focused only 5 minutes. Therefore, it's better a short meditation with full attention than a long one with disturbances. And remember, it's all about practice and patience. 

    Hope you enjoy your next meditation! 🤗

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    Sally Njie

    @... Thank you for explaining why you meditate. 

    I really enjoy meditation to gather my thought and control my stress levels.

    With the spring finally arriving in the south of Sweden, one form of meditation I really enjoy is mindful walks in nature. I leave my phone at home and just focus on my surroundings, noting small changes in nature every day. It's another way to bring presence to my everyday life. 

    Hope this helps someone! And enjoy your next meditation!


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