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Query Naming Conventions



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    Ulrik Viebke
    business solutions architect

    There are no documented best practises around this yet, but I thank you for highlighting a very important and interresting topic. In last PIMpoint, we had a workshop related to workflows, which covered an example how you can work efficiently using workflows in inriver, but that example never touch the actual structure and naming convention of the workarea hierarchy itself. This initiative kickstarts a series of activities internally related to workflows in order to help our customers being efficient.

    My personal aspect to how the workarea structure and queries can be constructed is using one empty folder per role in the shared workarea section. There you can collect all queries that are related to all staff members with that role.

    For the queries part, I really suggest and recommend that the name clearly contains which entity it will return, and a short description of the query itself, and use the power of capital characters and "Camel Case" writing to highlight the important parts of the naming. Examples:

    PRODUCTS in Accessories category with no linked Items
    Incomplete ITEMS missing Size Attributes
    ITEMS missing Resource

    But there is nothing right or wrong here, as long as you have a strategy which helps the different users to find the right query.

    There is an Innovation Labs experiment I encourage you to look at, where you can use a defined structure of the workareas in an application which helps the users to see THEIR queries, and also if there are any current expected work to do. The experiment can be found here, and might help you get up to speed with your workflows....


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    Roy Eriksson
    inriver champion

    A tip: Is that you can bookmark a saved workarea in your web browser, if you then save a group of work areas (your daily or common tasks) in a bookmark group you can choose to open the entire bookmark group in new tabs/windows, and quicky get an overview if there's something that needs your action or not.

    Semi-related: I've also been working on my spare time to create an extension that writes out the "hits" for a workarea and writes it in the workare name, ex: "(12) Items needing translation", "(0) Items to approve for website", etc. that will be free (open source) for all partners and customers to use, If any inriver developer in the community want to help with this, just get in touch otherwise it will get done when I can find the spare time.


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