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🎧 3 Podcasts you should be listening to right now!



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    Bernhard Steiner
    PIMpoint 2023 Europe

    thanks for sharing! I am usually the "I only listen to music" guy, but you made me curious to test the Think Fast, talk smart podcast 

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    Abigail Leffler
    First Responder

    Mariana, thank you so much for the inspiration, you've just added an extra task to my to-do list this weekend, ha! I am not usually a pod-listener but I'll give it a go. Do you think that never having been the radio-listening type failed to ever convert me to the pod-listening type?

    The multiplicity of media available for messages continues to amaze me--there seems to be something for everyone these days. My husband is a fan of Simon Sinek and currently there are some of his books circulating at home. I have watched some recordings of his talks and found him an amazing speaker.

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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi @... and @..., I'm glad to hear that you'll give it a try to listen to these podcasts! I believe you'll not regret it! 😋


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