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Query Helper - One way to achieve a more complex query



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    Tobias Månsson
    inriver champion

    Wow! This is a really creative way of combining queries. 

    I would say that you don't really need to create an Entity called Query Helper, since most already have the Task entity which should have LinkTypes to basically all relevant entities. 

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    Aaron Jestrab
    Engagement Champion
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    Tobias Månsson That is an interesting point. I had not thought of utilizing the task entity for this. But I have found it useful to have the separate entity to keep things sorted and separated from other functions. 

    Thanks for the appreciation on this solution! It comes in quite handy often.

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    Pontus Sundén

    Impressive 🙌🏼  And thank you for the write-up! 

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    Lars-Christian Simonsen

    Thank you for sharing this Aaron Jestrab.

    We had identified completeness criteria as one way to combine queries, but this is a far more flexible solution.

    Also, thanks to Tobias Månsson for floating the idea of using tasks. That let me test and verify this without the need to involve developers :)

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    Jeremy Peterson (ICP)
    inriver champion
    First Responder

    Also, the nice thing about having a special entity, is that you can have attributes on the entity to describe what you are doing with that particular helper. If you have many of them, this really helps out.

    Additionally, I find it helpful to make a WorkArea folder to hold the queries used for this purpose so they aren't visually clogging up the rest of the WorkAreas.


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