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    Fredrik Lundgren

    Thanks Nicky!

    There are so many fun memories from all the PIMPoints, from Fußball competition to some sweet dancing sessions and lots of inspiring sessions over the years. But if I must pick one it will have to be the 2019 PIMPoint in Malmö, more specifically the hackathon.

    It was awesome to meet and see a lot of the partners that I have met over the years, in one room, hacking away with their inriver ideas (still not used to the not using ‘R’ J). Those of you that did not attend the hackathon did also miss when I together with a college at the time, Petter, used our hackathon contribution to show a somewhat shady portal extension that if you opened it, it would encrypt all data on all fields on all entities into something completely unreadable. And you had to input a secret key to unlock your product data again. Obviously with an asci graphic background with the Guy Fawkes mask. So we basically turned inriver PIM into a ransomware. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

    Of course, this was a joke, but to be honest I do think we would have had a good chance of being voted as one of the finalist to present on stage, but unfortunately (or may fortunately), inriver employees were not part of the competition. Otherwise, my career at inriver might have ended that day ;)

    But the most fun part was as stated before to meet all the nice people that you have got to know in the community over the years. One of them is Peter Norlander (ICP) , so I am going to pass the question along to him.

    “Peter, you have worked with inriver for many years, but only from the outside. So, my question is, when are you joining inriver?”

    Ok, ok, sorry Dennie Ovenberger (ICP) I will not take him away from you. We like to have great people working with inriver at our partners as well :)

    So my real question:

    “Having worked alongside and with inriver for a long time, when the company has changed, and the product has changed. You must have some fun or interesting memory or reflection that you want to share?”

    PS. No, I will not send anyone the code of the ransomware :)

    Have a great summer!

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    Peter Norlander (ICP)

    Hi Fredrik Lundgren and thanks for the question!

    Ah, there sure is a lot of fun memories from those Pimpoints. Hope that 2022 will be an on-site one. ;) Also, I couldn't help but laugh about your comment regarding the R in inriver. I am also going to have to go back to make corrections when I write to fix that for a long time coming. 😊

    One of my strongest memories from my time working with inriver was at the very first inriver Champions Meeting in 2016, when we were first told that inriver would go Cloud (about a year before it was officially launched). It felt like a seismic shift and a bold move for the future, but as a partner with several customers I remember feeling equally exited and anxious. This would be the end of me doing hacks directly in the inriver database! 😉

    A couple of years down the line, we can safely say that moving to a SaaS solution was the right call for inriver. When I do come across an on-prem implementation, it does feel like a blast from the past and it´s evident how much the technology and product has evolved.

    Talking about things that happened back in 2016 (a life-time ago!) makes me feel like I´ve been around this community for a looong time. And speaking of others who have been around forever – @...! How is it working on the other side of the pond? Now inriver has a strong presence in North America with their Chicago office but how was it at the beginning when you started? Was it very noticeable that this was a Swedish company you were working with and not a Canadian (North American) one?

    Enjoy the summer!

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    Danny Langlois

    Thanks Peter Norlander (ICP) ! I would have really liked to answer your question live at the PIM Point event like good old times... Looking forward for a live event in 2022. :)

    So when I started to work with inriver 7 years ago, inriver had their office in Chicago, it is where I had my first training and fun fact, it was my first business travel trip! I was so excited :)

    To get back to inriver Chicago, I think they were only ~5 employees at that time and only business analysts and sales/management. So when we needed technical assistance from the support team for instance, it had to happen in the morning for us because of the 6 hours difference between Sweden and Montreal. Our NA partner manager and NA customer success helped us as much as they could, but most of the time for technical matters, we had to wait until the day after when something went wrong in the afternoon.

    But now, inriver has a full team in Chicago with all skills to support their NA partners :) And I think they are an awesome team. :)

    Beside that, I don't recall any other challenge from being a NA partner while most of the inriver product team is in Sweden.

    I like this new article, it made me realize much inriver has made a long way on so many things. So my turn to pass along to someone who I enjoy collaborate with and he's a true ambassador in the inriver community: Roy Eriksson (ICP) . And the question is : "On what are you the most passionate about inriver? Is the product? The customer projects? The clients? The community? PIM mindset?"

    Have a nice day everyone.


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