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Excel import mapping read only field



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    Evelin Haljas

    Hi Erik,

    That's how read-only fields work in inRiver. They cannot be manipulated from the interface nor excel uploads until the read-only tag is set in CC.

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    Ulrik Viebke (ICP)

    You can have them readable in the model, and apply restrictions to those roles who should not be able to manage the fields. This means that if you are allowed to update the fields, you can also run the excel import. But other people cant.

    (BTW, the read only fields is limited to UI only, so if you hack the html elements you can make the readonly fields editable.... but don't tell anyone... :-) )


    Example of TamperMonkey script:

    if (!(isCtrl) && !(isShift) && isAlt && e.keyCode == 220) { // alt+§ for Unhiding readonly fields
       $(".readonly").find(".ms-choice").css("background-color", "white");
       $(".readonly").find(".ms-drop").css("background-color", "white");
       $(".readonly").find(".fa:before").css("content: '\f10c';");
       $(".readonly").css("background-color", "white");
       $(".readonly").css("color", "black");



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