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Product vs Item



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    André Johnsson

    Hi Matt,

    You can find some basic information on what a Product and an Item is on these two pages:

    But to give a short explanation: a Product is basically a placeholder for all the information that is common to all the different variants of a product, while the Item is the variants themselves. So if you have a t-shirt model in five different colors and sizes, then you would put information like material, fit and washing instructions on the Product level since those won't change depending on color and size, while information like color and size would be at the Item level. This is done in order to minimize maintenance of product information and reduce risk of inconsistency.

    As for importing parts of a marketing model, read this article about the Publish feature:

    I wish you the best of luck with the implementation and don't be hesitant to contact my colleagues and I in the support team. We're here to help!

    Best regards,

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    Gabor Blasko

    The only problem with this solution, you never see all attributes together, they are always separated to Product and Items.
    Sometimes also useful to see them in a table view together, and the only solution I could give to the business to export to excel.
    You know PIM was born to avoid using excels, and many times we do not see solution directly in inRiver, you need to turn to excel. Export it, manipulate in excel, then import it. Same here, if you would see all attributes together, export them to excel...
    Also searching by mutliple values available eg. for items by SKU and then you cannot have the product attributes.

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    Viktor Bergqvist

    Hi Gabor, 

    The reason for the separation is to have efficiency in enrichment as information on the Product level typically are related to several items (in some cases up to more than 100 if you count colors and sizes for instance).  

    However, we have several features in the tool that have been developed to provide the possibility to view product information from several levels in inRiver. You need to develop once (html/css/javascript) and then it can be used by your users.

    Here is an overview of template possibilities

    * Preview and Plan & release preview 
       Where you could create a template that simulate how the product information would look on an e-commerce site or web site with the Item information)

    * As Tab on the entity (Edit in context template). Example below also shows how you can add tags to edit the information.

    If you have special cases where you need to show different entities you could use the REST API functionality to save back information.

    PDF Template for preview


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