Meet inriver Champion: Daniel Jansson

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    Peter Norlander (ICP)
    inriver champion
    Conversation Starter
    PIMpoint 2023 Americas
    Easter 2023

    That sounds awesome, then we can discuss both smart things at home and at work. ;-) Sounds like a plan, see you at pimpoint then! 

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    Daniel Jansson
    inriver champion

    Thanks Nicky Lilja. It was an honor to attend!

    We have not yet exchanged any smart home ideas but I will for sure bring it up next time we meet (hopefully at PIMPoint :) )

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    Nicky Lilja

    Daniel Jansson this is great  :D  Thank you for sharing. Do you and Peter Norlander (ICP) exchange smart home ideas from time to time :p? 



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