Using Date Intervals in the Query Editor

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    Jens Peter Jørgensen

    I have tried it and when I write the sentence it is corrected to a specific date.
    In this way, you cannot have a fixed Query that, for example, always shows the items created within the last 14 days.
    Is there a method where you can always search "Now + 14 day"?

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    Tobias Månsson (ICP)

    The way to do this using the Remoting API is by searching for a DateTime FieldType in a Criteria. 

    new Criteria
        FieldTypeId = "<DateTimeFieldType>",
        Interval = true,
        Operator = Operator.GreaterThan,
        Value = "0-h" //Just now

    The format on the Value is like this regex, ^\d-[h|d|w]


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