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    Jens Peter Jørgensen

    A small step back is that you now have to open the quicksearch field every time.
    This is the field we use the most, in our work to enrich the goods, and now we have one more click for each search.

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    Nicky Lilja

    Hi Jens Peter Jørgensen , I am sorry to hear that you feel that way. Have you submitted an product idea? I searched for it but could not find a similar one. So please do that, so that others can give input and share their use case as well. 

    It is very helpful if you can include screenshots. Then we can forward it to our product team. Mark the title with restyled UI :) 

    Thank you for your input!

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    I fully agree with Jens - that extras click is a step back. 

    I was also contacted by a colleague who found it difficult to get a valid search result when entering an exact item number in Quick search.

    Since the search also lists every item with this number plus more digits after.See img with 33 hits:

    Our thinking was that the search would show the direct hits first, and then list the others.

    Our question is if the quick search can be configured in any way?

    I know that the exact hit can be achieved using the query editor.


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