Creating a notification on daily modifications

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    Henk-Jan van Pesch (Solenis)
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    Hi Nicky, I read your comment in the "Good to know" section but exactly there lies my challenge.

    For a weekly content update overview I'm trying to search all Product Entities where a certain attribute (actually a specific locale) has been modified in a certain period. Reason is that for my syndication I only want to pull the Product records which had a change for example in Italian for Switzerland.

    We maintain over 30 locales in iPMC so querying the "last modified" date of the Product entity gives me way too many records which are not relevant for a certain locale (since I need to send the delta /  the changes, and not just all Product records in Italian for Switzerland.

    Any suggestions to solve this challenge?

    Thx, Henk-Jan

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    Tobias Willaume-Jantzen

    Hi Henk-Jan,

    I agree with you - we have the same issues, with different languages and several persons in several locations that would like a notification when they need to make a translation fx. 

    So it should be possible to search for all possible angles, when it is there it should be searchable.

    Regards Tobias


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