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    Rasmus Stampe Hjorth

    Will the limitation be changed? We often have project files that is bigger than 1gb. 

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    Nicky Lilja

    Hi Rasmus Stampe Hjorth. Sorry for getting back to you a bit late! :) 

    I searched in the Feature Request area to see if there is an existing Feature Request on your question to see the status. However I could not find an existing one.

    So the answer is no to your question since no one have yet raised the need for it. 

    Therefore I truly recommend that you submit a Feature Request here. Share a bit more in detail why and how this would be beneficial for you. And the more votes it gets, the more likely the product owners will take it into consideration.

    I will give you my vote when you post it :) , I think that there will be more than you that have the same need. 

    Thank you for engaging Rasmus in the community!! and keep it up!! :D 

    Looking forward to see your Feature Request. 


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