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    Mariana Cañavera H.
    community manager

    Hi Ana ANDRADE

    At the moment, it's not possible to remove this help button from the dashboard. We would encourage you to submit this as a product idea where it can be seen by others. If other users feel the same way and there's enough engagement, DevOps will take this into account and look into it further.

    For the moment, maybe you could advise your users that this chat button is for quick access to inriver support, not their local admins.

    Kind regards,
    Mariana Canavera H.
    Community Manager

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    Are you looking to allow customer to turn this HELP button off!

    Reason I ask is that it's missing leading as our own users think they speaking to their own admins, and also if they do get to speak to someone on the live chat, that person from inriver will not know how we have our product structure and how we using the solution. What help will they offer?

    There is already a button on the navigation bar to access the community why have another button on the dashboard.


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