The building blocks of an elastic data model

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    Mikael Nixholm

    If possible could we get some more information on when to use XML Data Type, what are the benefits and cavities. For example when storing data from Extension, is it better to use XML field or resource binary when data content is medium to large file/binaries ?   

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    Steve Vink
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    Hi Mikael,

    the XML Field type is designed for structured data that does not need further enrichment, as the name suggests. It is not intended for converting XML files and storing as a data field.

    A good example is SKU data in the fashion industry. The Product/Item describes the dress, it's pattern, material, marketing story etc. The sizes that the dress is available in can be stored as an XML Field, because there are many sizes but no further enrichment is required. You may want to store other non-editable information about the size, such as its EAN barcode number, and so it is not practical to use a CVL list.

    Using in-context editing tabs, you can extract the XML data and present it in a user-friendly table format. You could potentially make this data editable in the tab and save it back to the Field as XML.

    Although the Field-type is XML., you can store any format such as JSON and csv. Using XML makes the information compatible with Content Store, where there are configuration parameters to extract and present the data.


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    Angela Bartiromo

    Is there an option (or consideration of an option) for data type of just Date?  I don't need the granularity of the time but want to ensure that a date is entered for a given field.


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