Inriver integration framework

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    Nicky Lilja

    Hi Daniel Johnson

    Thank you for flagging this! :) 

    Currently the link/article you are referring to is only available for a selected early access group, That is why it seems broken to you. 

    I am happy that you are interested to learn more about the integration framework! I can imagine that we will announce when we release more documentation! So continue to keep an eye open! ;) 

    If you have more questions let me know. 


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    Steven Christensen

    Nicky Lilja ,

    It'd probably be worth flagging all articles about restricted/limited access features as such so the reader knows it's not something they can use.  

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    Nicky Lilja

    Hi Steven Christensen , Yes I agree. We will have a look at how we will visualize this. 

    Thank you both !  


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