Release notes for Inspire: September 14th, 2023

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    Torbjorn Stavas
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    Could you explain number two a bit more? How does the possibility to save the data to another field than the one is originally in you configuration, enable you to "mark" a field?

    // Kind regards, Torbjörn

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    Viktor Bergqvist
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    When saving, you will now have the capability to update or append a value to another filed, like a CVL (Controlled Vocabulary List) field.

    If a user generates a long description in Inspire, it will be saved to the long description field as usual. However, you now have the additional option to configure the system so that another field, such as a status field CVL (either single or multi-select), can also be updated or, in the case of multi-select, appended with a value.

    Example 1:
    In a multi-select CVL, you might have a value labeled "long description AI generated". Upon saving the long description field in Inspire, the field that hold the CVL can also be updated with the value  "long description AI generated". Or the values can be appended instead of updated.

    Example 2:
    Suppose you have a status CVL field set to single select. This field could be updated to the new status "Under enrichment" or "Awaiting Approval" upon saving.


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